My name is Luis Pena, as the owner of Trnsfrm Fitness, I want to give every individual the best service and coaching.

I was born in Venezuela and moved the US as a teenager to start the American dream. I attended Point loma Nazarene, and the University of Utah where I got my business degree.

After finishing school, I wanted to continue to pursue a platform in business, but after gaining 70 pounds and being diagnosed with prediabetes, I decided to change my whole perspective in life.

After losing 60 pounds and completely changing my mindset and body, I decided to start competing as a Men’s physique athlete and after several wins and losses, I wanted to continue my fitness journey through the eyes of others and help other achieve ultimate happiness within themselves, just like I did.

4 years ago I started TRNSFRM FITNESS dedicated to HEALTH, BODY, MIND AND LIFESTYLE.

I wanted to focus on Nutrition, fitness and life coaching being known as one of the top nutritionist in Utah is a blessing and I truly love what I do to help others find success and health and my passion grows and grows as I continue to make others better.



My Name is Cassadie Nelson and I am 29 yrs old. I have been a personal trainer for 11 years and I specialize in:

  • Athlete strength & conditioning
  • Speed & agility
  • Teaching mechanics & form
  • Bodybuilding
  • Weight loss
  • Group trainings


With my background as an elite soccer player and coach for over 16 yrs, my intention is to pull the same level of consistency and drive out of you.

I believe everyone has an athlete inside of them just waiting to be unleashed. I love helping people feel confident in their skin because I didn’t always feel that way, but I worked hard to feel strong and powerful and I know my clients can too.

My training programs are not just about looking good but feeling good. I believe how you show up in the weight room is how you will show up in all other aspects of your life. LET’S TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE TOGETHER!!!



My name is Christina Haveron. I am a wife of 14 years to a wonderful and incredibly supportive husband. We have 6 amazing children and enjoy being a very active family.

I have a long history of being involved in many competitive sports through out my lifetime, as well maintaining a very healthy workout routine.

During the past few years, I have spent numerous hours training professionally and have recently competed in the NPC woman’s figure division where I placed in all six of my categories.

After the competitions, I developed a strong passion and desire to help individuals of all ages, types, and sizes to reach their full potential, both physically and mentally, so that they may live life in confidence and to the fullest.



Hello my name is Anthony Lewis and I am ISSA certified. 

I love people and I want to help change lives. I grew up in Roy, Utah but my family is from New York City. I have a wonderful family and they continue to push me towards my goals. I grew up playing sports all my life. I’m currently a head high school basketball coach. 

Since I was in high school I was always intrigued by fitness, sports, weightlifting and nutrition. After getting married and gaining weight and being unhappy about the way I felt and looked, I knew it was time for a change. I joined TRNSFRM because the community here is one of a kind.

My mission in life is to help people be the best version of themselves.

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My name is Karina Gonzalez, I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I started my fitness journey in January 2014. Today I’ve lost over 60 pounds. I’m in the best state of mind. I want to empower as many people as I meet. I believe it’s important for anyone to show up for yourself everyday. That’s a true form of self respect and self love.

After going through a difficult time of comparison, anxiety and negative self talk I realized it was time for me to take action. It’s important to not sit in those feelings and feel sorry for yourself. You have to get back and remind yourself why you even decided to start. Your emotions are controlled by the way you think. That’s when I realized I needed to let my pride down and hire a coach.

I joined TRNSFRM in August 2020, starting off as a lifestyle client, and decided I really wanted to push myself and become an athlete. After first seeing how much all the coaches treat their clients with the level of dedication, passion, knowledge and how they care about their clients emotional, mental and spiritual health. I knew I wanted to step up and be part of the community. Overall my main objective is to help females and males build structure, discipline, accountability, strength and over all be happy inside and out. I want to see every person win.


Hey there! 
My name is Sol and I’m a personal trainer and nutrition coach. I work with lifestyle clients looking to change their body composition, burn fat, and build muscle. 
My biggest goal as a coach is to help people from all backgrounds connect the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of their lives to approach health from a wholistic standpoint. It is also my goal to view coaching from a trauma-informed perspective, and here is why: 
I was fifteen years old the first time I ever stepped foot in a gym. I had recently experienced the tragic loss of my father and was devastated. I had tried turning to counseling, psychotherapy, antidepressants, and even an emotional support dog to help relieve some of my pain, but nothing seemed to be enough… that is, until I turned to exercise and slowly began to see my life change. I had more energy, I became more hopeful, and day by day I had a bigger desire to keep living. 
Fast forward a few years, I went through another phase of challenges. After two miscarriages and a divorce, I was left with a broken heart and great financial pressure. Once again, I tried looking for something to alleviate my pain and body building became a part of my life. I am extremely grateful because as I have watched my body change, I have also witnessed my mind and spirit grow. 
Thanks to the sport, I learned to see exercise as a direct representation of life: the burn we feel as we reach failure represents the growing pains we face as we go through life. When we are too hurt, uncomfortable, or feel like we are painfully “on fire” is when we benefit the most from pushing a little further. We can’t grow without pain and discomfort. In the gym and in life, the growing pains we face are something to be appreciated and embraced, not avoided.
All in all, what I seek to do for you as a trainer isn’t just to change your body; I want to help you become a better version of yourself, a happier, more confident, and fulfilled person. I want you to see and believe in your own potential. I want you to recognize all the wonderful things you are capable of doing and be unafraid to do them. 



Hi! My name is Nathan and I’m a trainer certified through NASM. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and have done various sports my entire life, so I am intimately familiar with how the body works and the things that you need to do for lasting change to happen.

For me training is about having fun, but also working hard. Whether you’re working on fat loss, muscle building, or both, I’ll help you to have fun WHILE working hard as you progress towards your goals and chase down your dreams.

Click below and let’s party. (Also fluent in Korean)



Hey, my name is Reagan. I’m an ISSA certified personal trainer.

I began playing football at 12 years old falling in love with competitive sports. Later in jr high and high school I picked up wrestling and rugby. This opened up the idea of being a multi-sport athlete that’s stayed with me. Fast forward to now and I’m an NPC competitor in different classes. Classic Physique is my bread and butter which I hope to get my pro card in the near future. Men’s physique is the cherry on top offering another chance to compete for me.

I joined TRNSFRM in January of 2021 with the goal of competing but it’s turned into so much more. Being welcomed in with open arms I found my place and people.

One of my ambitions in life is to help others and create positive change. Another ambition of mine is to help males and females reach their full potential in and out of the gym. Work with me and let me live out my ambitions while helping you with yours!



I care deeply about my clients, and there’s nothing of more value to me than helping somebody go through an experience that makes them happy, confident, and strong.

I realize how being overweight affects many aspects of your life, and I want to be there for you and help you discover the benefits and joys of training that helped me become the person I am today.

I’m here to be your personal guide on every step of the journey.